Thursday Fasting

Join us in fasting leading up to Easter 2019.

In the season leading up to Easter, the global Church has often taken time to focus on fasting. We want to encourage you to give it a try, not as a legalistic or ritualistic practice, but to create a window in your life into which God might speak in a new and fresh way. We'll be giving out weekly guiding prompts with an invitation to skip a meal and, instead, use that time for deeper prayer and meditation.

Thursday, March 21

Fishing for People

Jesus replied to Simon, “Don’t be afraid! From now on you’ll be fishing for people!” Luke 5:10b (NLT)

Jesus called Peter from catching fish to fishing for people. Fishing was hard work in the first century. You often worked in teams dragging a net hoping for a big catch. It took some knowledge to determine when the best time to fish was and where the fish might be, but even this didn’t always work out. Fishermen learned that patience and persistence were key to fishing. In the same way, these characteristics are important as we fulfill the great commission of making disciples. Pointing people to Jesus is not always easy: people have messy lives, and it takes patience and persistence. Notice Jesus’ words: “Don’t be afraid.” Often we are fearful when sharing our faith with others or even simply inviting them to church. Sometimes we are fearful of what others might think about us; we are afraid they will reject us or reject our invitation, but Jesus encourages us to overcome our fear and look for ways to point people to Jesus. Here is something amazing: Jesus didn’t leave us to do this on our own; he left us his Spirit, who is working among us. God’s Spirit is with us as we point people to Jesus; his Spirit is already working in those people’s lives. So this week, will you overcome your fear and point someone to Jesus? Could you share with them how you began to follow Christ? Could you invite them to Sunday school, life group, or church? Could you invite them to serve in the community with you at one of the missions we support like ACTS of HOPE, Life Choices, or West Avenue Compassion?

Pray that God helps us overcome our fear of sharing Christ with others. Ask God to put people in your path who you can have a spiritual conversation with this week.