Blanco Villa Nursing Home

Volunteer Profile: kind, patient, teacher or musician

Blanco Villa Nursing Home

Each Sunday, our church hosts a Christian worship service for the community members of Blanco Villa Nursing Home which is located 2.5 miles away on Blanco Road. There are several roles to be filled each Sunday. The services start at 9:00 a.m. and are often over in time for you to make it to our worship service at CHCC. Most people volunteer one week per month. Blanco Villa is not just a retirement home but also a rehabilitation center. This ministry is looking for volunteers who have a passion for the elderly and the sick. There are several ways you can volunteer.


Each week, a volunteer will give a 15 to 20 minute devotional message. The topic you speak on is up to you, but we encourage it to be things relative to the elderly and sick and always with a strong emphasis on the gospel. We are looking for people who can speak clearly and loudly, who can articulate Biblical truth clearly, and who have a passion for bringing comfort and encouragement to people in this demographic.


Each service, the community will sing 2 or 3 songs led by a pianist or a guitarist. The songs are all hymns. You must be familiar with about 30 hymns from before the 1950’s. Monica Hoffman can help you become familiar with these songs if you need. Usually, the group will call out a song that they want to do, so you must be prepared with any song at anytime. You do not necessarily have to sing. We want someone who is competent on their instrument, has a friendly presence, and is quick and prepared. 


A huge part of this ministry is people who simply show up and be a part of the service. Companions greet the elderly and get to know them a little bit. They serve in many small ways: adding to the singing, holding someone’s hand and guiding them to the activities, helping them stay focused, and helping them find the passage in their bibles or the lyrics to the songs. Little acts of kindness make a huge impact, especially for people who often say they are lonely. We are looking for people who are gentle, kind and friendly.

If you believe you match these qualifications and would like to volunteer, or would like to request more information, complete the form below and someone will get back to you shortly.