COVID 19 Update

We have a responsibility to our church neighborhood by being prudent and cautious now.

May 1, 2020

Dear Church Family,

Thank you for joining us for our online and drive-in services. It has been great to see you and hear from many of you. As we’ve said many times, CHCC is never limited to a building. Many of you have told us that you can’t wait to meet again in the worship building, and we can’t either! As we do start moving this direction, we want you to know that your safety is very important to us, and keeping your safety a priority will involve a few changes, to include social distancing, going paperless, having families worship together instead of in separate children’s and teen worship gatherings, and possible additional service times. We don’t yet have an exact date set for meeting together, but once we do, we will get this information to you as soon as possible.

As we move toward meeting together, please do two things for me. First, pray for our leadership as we make these decisions; pray for our wisdom and discernment. Secondly, please remain flexible; we have been so grateful for the grace and encouragement you’ve extended to us as we’ve experimented with various formats and platforms during this time, and we ask that you continue to work with us as we adapt. Thank you for your willingness to adapt with us!

In Christ,

Ronnie Morgan

***Previous COVID 19 Response from March 15, 2020***

Dear Church Family,

On March 15, the CDC recommended that no gatherings of 50 people or more be held in the US for the next 8 weeks in a sweeping effort to slow the spread of the virus. The coronavirus has a long incubation, spreads easily, can be fatal to the elderly or those with weakened immunity and there's not yet medicine or a vaccine. Experts agree that the best thing we can do is to slow the spread of the virus. 

Prayerfully, the Elders have unanimously agreed to cancel our face to face worship gatherings and other ministry events for the next 8 weeks. We didn't make this decision out of fear for ourselves; we made it out love for you and our community. 

Before I tell you about some of the big changes in how we will minister to our flock and community, let me share a plan we came up with that will allow us to gather together for worship while carefully following the recommended precautions.

Drive-In Worship Experience:

We are having two worship assemblies: 10:00a in English and 11:00a in Spanish. We’ll transform our outdoor area into a worship center. The worship music, prayer, and message will be delivered on the patio or from the grass near our sign. You will remain in your car and tune in to a radio station to listen and participate in worship. We feel that gathering together in this way will preserve the unity that comes from corporate worship. Feel free to bring signs to hold up. Your honk will be an amen. Let’s make this as fun as possible. Bring activities for kids, as well as your own communion. We will keep the service to about 40 minutes. Whether we continue the drive-in format and for how long will be determined by various factors.

Additionally, the Elders and Ministers will be providing various ways for you to engage with our online ministry:

• E-mailing and posting recorded worship services in English and Spanish each week. 

• Sending out children’s lessons for parents to teach their children. 

• Sunday school teachers leading class through e-mail or texting app. 

• Setting up a Facebook group for AWANA so kids can finish this year with adult follow-up.

• Richard is going to continue to minister to our teens through electronic platforms. 

• We will also be working on having digital Life Groups. 

• Encouragement to use Right Now Media to help your family grow spiritually during this time. If you need an account, go to and click on Right Now Media. 

• Ronnie will also be posting daily video devotions beginning next week. 

We have a responsibility to protect the most vulnerable among us, especially our Seniors and those with serious illness. Furthermore, we have a responsibility to our medical community should we fail to flatten the curve of coronavirus cases and the hospitals be swamped. We have a responsibility to our church neighborhood by being prudent and cautious now. 

When this crisis passes, and it will pass, we can quickly return to assembling together as before. My hope is that we can meet together sooner than the 8 weeks. 

The uncertainty of this outbreak is creating anxiety about loss of jobs and the economic hardship that comes with this, many people already feel loneliness from the isolation, many are scared for their loved ones and some are facing their own mortality. We realize people are suffering, and as a church we are looking for ways to show love and kindness. We will continue our partnership with ACTS of HOPE as they continue to minister to our community. We will be picking up groceries for the elderly and those with susceptible immune systems. We will be constantly looking for ways to show love to our community. If you have ideas of how we can help our community or know someone who needs some extra TLC,please call (210-344-7188) or  

Would you please pray with us that this virus is contained quickly? Continue to pray for those who are affected by this illness, as well as their caregivers and those working around the clock to defeat this virus.

We believe significant, life-changing ministry is going to happen during this time. Please join us in fervent prayer and service. 

In Psalm 46, we are reminded that God is still our refuge and strength, and our ever-present help in trouble. When our friends and neighbors ponder their own mortality, let's pray that many are drawn to the One who swallowed up death (I Corinthians 15).

Look below to see how you can connect with CHCC.


In Christ,

Ronnie Morgan


Help Us Care

Prayer--- We may ask a friend, family member, or institution to help in times like this. How much more should we ask our Heavenly Father? We are a people of prayer. 

Contact and Connection-- Isolation is dangerous. You may not be as near to many people physically, but please stay connected to others in any way you can. Check on your neighbors. Call those who are alone. Run an errand for someone at risk. Watch the child of a parent who needs to work. Listen to our online sermons. Read your Bible. Start a Bible reading program. Be family.  

Give-- Your faithful giving will allow us to continue to feed the hungry who depend on our food pantry, meet growing needs for benevolence, send monthly support to our mission partners around the world, and support our staff. Please give generously as the Lord leads you during this time. Go to, click Give or mail your checks to 6209 West Ave, San Antonio TX 78213. 

Don’t--Do not fear, do not be anxious (Philippians 4:6). Do not hoard (James 5:3) There's a difference between preparing wisely and hoarding. Hoarding hurts others in need. Don’t judge others for how they are reacting. Everyone deals with a crisis differently.