Engage 2020

In 2020, we are exploring what it means to fully participate and become involved in God's mission.

What does it mean to be engaged? When we talk about ENGAGE this year, we are talking about fully participating in or becoming involved in. Too often our faith is theoretical. We have thoughts, ideas and convictions about God but are not actively living out a life of faith. This year we are challenging you to put your faith into action. God didn’t call you to sit on the sidelines. You are God’s hands and feet, active participants in God’s mission to make disciples and make all things new.

Where should you be engaged? We are challenging you to be fully engaged in scripture, in prayer, in community, in mission and in becoming more like Jesus. Our vision at CHCC is Changed Lives through Christ, and we believe our vision will be lived out when we engage in these areas and more. We will continue to challenge you throughout the year. As we prepare to ENGAGE, I ask that you would personally commit to becoming more engaged in growing spiritually, that you would help and encourage others to grow and become more engaged, and that you would help CHCC engage people on our campus, in our community and around the world. I can’t wait to see how God uses you and our church as we ENGAGE in 2020.