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Kids Ministry Values

  • Know - Knowing and learning God's word and asking questions.
  • Grow - Growing in faith, learning God's word and applying to day to day life.
  • Go - Going forward in life having a relationship with God and making disciples.

Kids Ministry Strategy

Bible-centric:  We will teach Bible stories, truth, and content, but not just for knowledge’s sake. We will challenge our children to wrestle with Scripture and to apply it to their lives. We will focus on having age-appropriate content for all ages. 


Relationships: We want children to form relationships with other kids and with adults who can be a positive influence in their lives. We will do whatever it takes to build these relationships, from Zoom calls, to porch visits, to postcards, to in-person interaction. 


Family: “No one can influence the life of a child more than a parent.” We will strive to offer parents tangible and useful resources. We will provide opportunities for families to worship and serve together.


Fun: We will be creative, fun, and imaginative in all we do and teach, so that we are relevant and inspiring to children. We will use fun games, current technology, dynamic environments, and interactive activities as strategic tools in getting children and their friends engaged in Christ.


Safety: We will strive to create environments that are safe, sanitary, and comforting for all ages of children. We will thoroughly screen, train, and equip all adults ministering to children.


Communication: We will strive to communicate the who, what, when, where, why and how at all times. We will utilize every tool necessary for parents, children, and our city to know about Christ through children’s ministry.

Sunday Programming

We will meet in our Kids Ministry/Office building and check in will be on the front porch of that building. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


9:00 a.m.


10:00 a.m.


Heroic Kids Ministry Series Castle Hills Christian Church


Every kid wishes they had superpowers, but with Jesus, we don’t need x-ray vision or invisibility to be heroes! In this four-week series, kids will hear stories about the heroes of the Early Church — the apostles and disciples who used their unique abilities to spread the good news of Jesus. Through their stories, we’ll see that anyone can do great things for God because God gives everyone a mission, the Holy Spirit gives us power, and we’re heroic when we work as a team!

Upcoming Events

Kids will rotate through worship, games, snacks, and lesson time stations to learn and experience God while having a lot of fun!
Join us for this special night to play in foam while engaging with other kids!

Mother's Day Out

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