CHCC Teens

We are the Middle & High School Ministry of Castle Hills Christian Church in San Antonio, TX.

Connect in JUNE: LOOK & SEE


Maybe you’ve heard the saying “seeing is believing”? It’s a popular phrase because seeing something for yourself can change your perspective and your beliefs. We don’t always have to see things for ourselves but it sure does help! For teenagers who are developing their identities while they develop their faith it’s important for them to have conversations about encountering Jesus on their own. Look and See is an invitation for students to realize their faith and experience Jesus for themselves. God will give them strength to follow Jesus as someone they can believe, and someone who can teach them new things. And, what’s better, God can use their story to help another person see Jesus too.

Upcoming Events

Game Night

August 15

5:00-8:00 p.m.

CIY Move

Grades 9-12

July 18-21*

Cost $75 (includes event shirt)

*July 21 is an optional, off-campus recreational day that costs an additional $25.


Grades 6-8

July 25-28

Cost $75 (includes event shirt)

*July 28 is an optional, off-campus recreational day that costs an additional $25.

Launch Now

This year we want to equip you to use your talents and gifts to launch something new. We are asking teens to discover how God has designed you, and step up to the challenge of starting a new place for your friends to connect with God and each other. We want to equip you to launch a small group bible study or prayer group.

Get more info here.

Teen Leadership Lunch

We want to equip and empower teens to grow and lead! Leadership Lunch meets on the 1st Sunday of the month from 11:00am-1:00pm.


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