CHCC Teens Launch Now

We want to equip you to use your talents and gifts to launch something new.

It’s time to start something new!!

You were designed for connection. All of us are. It is part of our DNA. You also have unique talents, abilities, experiences and opportunities that God wants to use to impact the world. We are asking teens to discover how God has designed you, and step up to the challenge of starting a new place for your friends to connect with God and each other. We want to equip you to launch a small group bible study or prayer group.

Some of you are starters. You are the first person in your friend group who tries something new.

Some of you are connectors. Friendship and conversations come really naturally to you.

Some of you are questioners. You are not satisfied with simple, shallow answers.

Some of you are supporters. You are the person people turn to when they are going through a difficult time.

No matter who you are, you are amazing and have something to offer a new group launching.

How Do I launch now?

  1. Find 2-3 people to launch with you. These can be friends from church or friends from school. You do not have to be perfect people or spiritual geniuses. Find people who have different talents, gifts and personalities than you. This is your launch team!
  2. Pick a topic or part of the Bible you want to start studying, or a way to pray together. We can help you find study, discussion or prayer guides.
  3. Pick a when, where and how you want to meet. Zoom. Discord. After school. Your home. Whatever.
  4. Pray. Spend time with God, preparing your heart and listening to God.
  5. Invite your friends.
  6. Launch now!

Do you want to launch now? Let us know. We want to help equip you.