Teen Ministry

Volunteer Profile: relatable, responsible, teacher or mentor

The Teens’ Ministry serves the purpose of changing teens through Christ. Members of the Teens’ Ministry team have several different jobs: teaching Sunday School, helping teen church run smoothly, mentoring the teens at Connect on Sunday nights during the school year, and sponsoring various events throughout the year including CIY summer camps. We are looking for caring people who will invest into the lives of the teens with the ultimate goal of changing their lives through the Gospel. We also ask that volunteers enforce our CHCC Teen Ministry Conduct Guidelines and abide by the Volunteer Staff Guidelines of Castle Hills Christian Church and all state and federal laws at all times. We have various volunteer opportunities within the Teen Ministry.

Teen Church Staff

As a teen church staff member, your purpose is to aid the Youth Minister and the other teens during teen church. You will be asked to consistently attend teen church on the Sunday you are scheduled to help. Because we know life happens, if you are unable to make your scheduled Sunday, we do ask that you inform the Youth Minister promptly. The Sunday you are scheduled to aid teen church, please arrive 10 minutes early. During your time in teen church, you will be expected to greet all visitors, participate in activities, sit with the teens, help control disruptions, help track attendance, and encourage teens to serve. For this position, we are asking for punctual, responsible people who take initiative to help teen church run smoothly.

Sunday School Teacher

As a Sunday School teacher, you will be asked to teach a CHCC Sunday School class and greet teens at those classes. In order to do this successfully, you will need to prepare for Bible study and discussions, arrive 10 minutes before class is scheduled to start, and attend all required training events and retreats. Because being a Sunday School teacher is more than explaining scripture, we need people who will encourage teens to develop spiritual practices and habits, and to explore their giftedness. We ask that volunteers keep track of Sunday School attendance and teach only what is consistent with healthy biblical teaching.

Event Sponsor

As an event sponsor, you will be asked to participate in two to six events per year, including summer retreats, concerts, service projects, and local outings. We are seeking friendly individuals who will be welcoming and sociable to visitors. All event sponsors are expected to be responsible to and respectful of each teen's parent(s)/guardian(s). Event sponsors are also responsible for attending all required training events and retreats.

Connect Mentor

We are looking for caring and spiritually mature individuals to help mentor a small group of teens during Connect. In order to do so, volunteers will be required to attend weekly Connect gatherings, and required training events and retreats. During Connect, mentors are expected to greet the teens, help track attendance, and help lead a group service project. Outside of Connect gatherings, volunteers are asked to perform follow ups with teens from their small groups that were unable to attend, connect with the parents of the teens in their small group, and commit to a group spiritual discipline/practice.

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